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December 28 2017

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Lesser Known Services Offered by Private Investigators

When most people think about hiring a Private Investigator they're probably looking for evidence of spousal infidelity or help finding a missing loved one. However, private investigators offer a wide variety of services beyond these few stereotypical investigations. Read on to find out about a few of the lesser-known services provided by private investigators.

Computer Forensics

In today's digital world the ability to perform comprehensive computer forensic investigations is essential for any investigator. That's why many offices keep trained computer specialists on-staff to collect evidence from the internet and personal computers. This evidence can then be used as proof of wrong-doing or malfeasance in a wide variety of cases.

Corporate Investigations

Hiring a corporate investigator allows businesses to have an edge over the competition. Most investigators are able to perform due diligence investigations on corporations, but not all investigators have the experience and training to perform distressed business investigations and theft or embezzlement cases. Investigators who have experience working with executive level management and HR professionals are the best choice for any kind of investigation of workplace violence or harassment.

School Safety Assessments

In normal safety assessments, vulnerability is determined based on how attractive the facility is as a target and what kind of defense or deterrence it has. School safety assessments are a little bit more complicated, though, as the true assets are the faculty and students attending the educational institution rather than physical valuables. Investigators performing school safety assessments must be able to come up with an all-hazards approach that takes into account every possibility and offers contingency plans to avoid disaster.

Security Counseling

Investigations form the largest part of most agencies' services, but some professionals offer other services such as security counseling as well. Security consultants can offer advice as to what products and equipment will be best suited to the situation and whether or not an on-site private security officer will be necessary. Each client who seeks out security counseling has a unique set of needs, so it's important to find a discreet and professional security consultant who can develop custom plans that are focused on his or her unique corporate or private needs.

Executive Protection

Those who are faced with a higher level of personal risk often choose to go one step further and hire a professional for executive protection. Private investigators are often uniquely qualified to offer protection services as they typically have extensive experience in law enforcement, private security, and other related fields. When hiring a professional for executive protection, be sure to find someone who is capable of exercising discretion and has adequate training to deal with any potential issues that could come up.

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